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Telephone operators

It is not uncommon that the person answering the phone is the first contact customers have with your company. It is therefore also logical that you set high standards for your telephone operators.

A good telephone operator is not only a calling card for your company or organization, but can also route the telephone traffic efficiently. That is why the function of a telephone operator requires more than just a ‘friendly voice’. Other important elements include etiquette, being able to analyze situations quickly on the telephone as well as dealing with customers who are dissatisfied with various issues.

Telefonisten Randstad Bewaking

The telephone operators have been selected for you by Randstad Bewaking. During our own internal training, we prepare people to be able to act in diverse situations by using various equipment and installations. An extensive training period in consultation with you and our staff, is part of our service. You will literally have the right person on the telephone very quickly through sound preparation and proper screening.

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