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Object Security

Object security

It is important your guests and customers feel at home at your company

Randstad Bewaking includes hospitality procedures in its security measures, which are suited to your organization. These procedures combine hospitality with safety on the shop floor, so that employees and customers will feel secure and welcome.

Every object or premises should be secured in a specific and well-considered manner.

Randstad Bewaking can perform an on-site RI&E, with a plan of action offering different, customized solutions. We are happy to discuss the options best suited to your needs.

Besides being well-trained object guards, Randstad Bewaking staff can also be deployed as receptionists. Our staff not only have experience with access control, but also with conference room bookings, showing visitors around and maintaining appointment and logbooks.

Randstad Bewaking takes care of Business Emergency Response Team training and refresher courses for all security officers.

Would you like more information about object security? Please contact us for more information.

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