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Mobile surveillance

Mobile surveillance

You want to feel free to leave your offices at the end of the day without becoming a victim of theft or vandalism. Through years of experience and directed training, our security staff know exactly how to recognize suspicious situations and how to act in case of emergencies.

Our mobile surveillance service can be used flexibly for various tasks:

  • walking surveillance rounds in and around your premises;
  • opening and/or locking your premises;
  • walking fire and lock-up surveillance rounds;
  • escorting short security transport trips;
  • standing in for staff outside of office hours when, for example, taking breaks.

Our mobile surveillance service uses the advanced SinTom system, which continuously monitors the location of the security officer. Bar codes are placed in and around the premises, which are read by the officer’s smartphone. You can log in live to the system and watch as the security officer does the rounds of your premises.

The security officer will immediately spring into action if any irregularities are identified. He or she will compile a digital on-site report with a smartphone, if necessary with the aid of photographs. The report is mailed to the customer.

Do you want more information about mobile surveillance? Contact us for more information.

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