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Inventory and risk scan of buildings and objects

Randstad Bewaking is your partner for independent security risk management and expert advice in the field of security management, ICT & data security, social safety and complex security issues.

Security measures are an important part of all processes within organizations. The importance of solid security is ever increasing and there are constant threats that can harm your business. In addition, laws and regulations, as well as social and political developments are important reasons to meet a certain level of security.

The organizational and physical security measures are often extensive, expensive to purchase, manage and implement. It is therefore very important for your organization to have insight into the relevant threats and their possible impact on your business operations.

Randstad Bewaking readily advises and supports you in professionally managing your specific security issues. In this, we use an integrated approach and, from within Security Risk Management, we connect the disciplines of security management, physical security, ICT and information safety.

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