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Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities

An open and public institution such as a hospital requires a distinct type of security, in which customer-friendliness and safety are paramount. Security officers who quickly recognize danger and intervene adequately are of vital importance to healthcare.

Through years of experience, Randstad Bewaking has gained distinctive expertise in this industry. Our duty security officers are specially trained to work in healthcare. Physicians and nurses should be able to perform their work in a safe environment, without being disturbed by people who cannot control their emotions. They also take cultural differences into account when working with people who have emotional problems.

Randstad Bewaking takes care of:

  • a safe and welcoming environment for guests and patients;
  • carefree service provision by staff;
  • quick and appropriate action in case of unsafe or undesirable situations.

Do you want to know more safeguarding your healthcare facility? Mail or phone our staff for information and customized advice.

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