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Security is a profession. A profession with practical skills and theoretical baggage. At Randstad Bewaking, we set our high standards for our people. This starts during selection. A background check is an essential part of the procedure.

Potential employees are tested on a number of personal characteristics: from service orientation to stress resistance and communication skills. Only then can the training course commence. Depending on the demands of the position, this course can consist of various industry-specific training programs and courses.

In any case, every member of staff has completed a thorough basic training. This basis can be complemented by a large number of additional modules.


  • Security Coordinator (Security Officer level 3)
  • Security Unit Manager
  • Fireman

Customer Care

  • Training receptionist
  • Telephone Operator Training
  • Training hospitality
  • Conflict Resolution Course
  • Course in customer-oriented telephone use

Specific security

  • Explosives Reconnaissance
  • Port Security Officer
  • Specialist Shop Security Officer
  • Specialist Mobile Security Officer
  • Company Emergency Response Officers (BHV)
  • First Aid Officers
  • Traffic Controller


  • Miscellaneous computer courses
  • Specific courses upon request

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