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Core Values

Core values


Our staff are carefully selected, trained, instructed and monitored so that they can perform their work adequately. Our staff are reliable, say what they do and do what they say and will not be influenced when doing their work.

Randstad Bewaking uses an integrity protocol that includes confidentiality, etiquette and the use of display equipment.


Randstad Bewaking has secured its knowledge and expertise in an automated operational management with a fixed core of employees. We improve and innovate where necessary and regularly evaluate and measure the quality and customer satisfaction.


Randstad Bewaking is committed to not taking professional routines for granted. Any deviation is an opportunity to put innovative tactical and strategic options under the microscope. Moreover, Lean Thinking is used as a starting point. Lean Thinking uses a clear basic definition: the key objective is to enable all activities within the organization to directly contribute to what the customers perceive as additional value.


The continuity of our services is further guaranteed by our 45 years of experience. Randstad Bewaking has a solid financial background, a specialized management team and fully automated business processes, and which are all fully integrated.


We enter into a partnership with you. Especially with regard to unexpected changes, emergencies and problems, Randstad Bewaking can, like no other, respond to changing circumstances due to short communication lines, among other things.

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